Order translation

Quality is not an advantage for us. It is simply the basic requirement of our clients which we are ready to deliver from the very first order. It is important that clients articulate their requirements clearly so that we can meet them with high accuracy.

Our goal is outstanding customer service, which is also a great help in establishing long-term co-operation with clients based on a reasonable price-performance ratio.

Project coordination:

At first, the source documents are reviewed to evaluate the degree of technicality. Then the project manager checks if glossaries, whether they the client’s or a particular industry’s are available, and sees if any potential issues may arise. Then, appropriate translators are assigned to the particular project. A binding quote follows and an agreement is signed. Final preparations are made before the project is implemented.

Quality Assurance
  • Translators are selected by their expertise in the topic of the text.
  • Project managers provide the translators with all the information related to the translation, including its formatting and layout, special terms, client requirements and deadlines.
  • Translations are then reviewed by a proofreader (primary level).
  • If a client orders additional editing services, the text is edited at the “press level”.
Project Management
  • The project manager accepts an order from the client and, depending on the topic, passes it on to a translator who is competent in the field who can perform the job on time and with good quality.
  • The project manager provides the translator with all the information related to the client’s requirements.
  • The project manager controls the translation workflow and maintains contact with the client and the translator.
  • Upon receipt of the translation, the project manager forwards it to the target language proofreader. The proofreader’s comments are forwarded to the translator.
  • If the client has any comments concerning the translation, they are also passed to the translator.
No quality standard can guarantee that the work is completely free of errors. We can also err, but we are committed to taking all measures to ensure that no errors will reoccur. We look for the reasons of errors and make sure to eliminate their causes.

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